crochet braids


When seeking for a long-term protective style, the first better option that comes to mind is the crotchet braid. Crotchet braids are great protective styles that work well with a relaxed hair, transitioning hair, and a natural hair.

Crotchet braid is the new sensation as it has gone popular. The comfort you get when your braid is sewn in with just a few hours instead of spending countless hours to braid each strand of your hair, cannot be priced. You can be a little dramatic and have a curly hair one day and decide to have a straight hair another day, and also play with colours, after all, it is very easy to install. This particular styling is well conversant with the African American women who use them as a protective style.



They are easy to install.

Installing crotchet braid is very easy and simple, it doesn’t require glue or sewing with thread. It is a DIY hairstyle as you can easily do it yourself by using a latch hook to install the hair extensions to your cornrowed hair.

They are versatile

With a crotchet braid, you can try out different kind of styles, switch to any kind of length or texture and try out varieties of colours with your natural hair still intact. Crotchet versatility will, therefore, give room for experiments without any permanent damage.

They are very affordable

When compared to other weaves that are sew-ins, crotchet braid is a whole lot cheaper. Don’t forget that the fact that you can install them yourselves saves you the cost of paying for a weave installation. A synthetic hair can be used for a crotchet braid and you can also use a human hair, depending on your budget.

It serves as a protective style

Crotchet braid is a protective style that keeps your natural hair away from outside elements. Your hair is tucked underneath the braids keeping your hair away from the sun. it also helps in hair retention as the hair is braided and is not being pulled or combed on a daily basis, giving the hair time to take a break and grow.


It is durable

The durability of crotchet braid is not questioned as it is generally known. Crotchet braid can last up to a month or even more than depending on the type you buy. It can also be reinstalled after using



It can lead to loss of hair edges

Protective styles require braiding of the hair. Braiding can make your hair get pulled too tight and it is not ideal because a crotchet is normally used for about 4-8 weeks before being taken off. When your hair is pulled too tight, you can lose your edges, and if you continue to do this on a regular basis, then it can cause a permanent damage which leads to traction alopecia which is a hair loss condition that can’t be remedied.

It can make your hair lose moisture

Many women use crotchet braid as a protective style because of its durability. Some use crotchet for as long as 8 weeks and within this period, they forget to take care of their natural hair. The fact that we have a crotchet on doesn’t mean our natural hair shouldn’t be oiled, neglecting it will lead to your hair losing moisture which will cause breakage.

It frizzles out fast

Most crotchet braids have the possibility to frizz fast and this cannot be kept on your hair like that unless you spend on a human hair which can be very expensive to buy.

It’s very difficult to keep your hair away

In the installation of some crotchet styles, it is very difficult to keep your hair away as it tends to show despite all efforts to keep them. Getting a professional to fix it should make it look better which will turn to make you spend more.


However, the advantages of crotchet as a protective style outweighs the disadvantages.

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