Are Weaves good for hair and hair growth?

Protecting your Hair under weave

Over the past few months, we have received questions ranging from: Are weaves good for hair to…do weaves really protect my hair? 

Protective styling is a style used to protect your natural hair. Some people don’t even realise that the increase in the length of their hair overtime was facilitated by the use of protective styling.

Have you ever wondered the increase in your hair length after taking off a wig or weave that was used for a long time? Have you also pondered about why your hairs grows even when you are on braids? Well, these all comes as a result of protective styling.

Protective styling is majorly recommended for the African Americans due to the fact that they have one of the driest hair types. Dryness of hair is the major cause of hair loss and it also prevent the hair to reach its full potentials.

When the end of your hair rubs against your clothes, particularly during the winter, you should know this isn’t too healthy to the hair as it can cause hair damage and breakage. Let’s look at it this way, an older relative or friend would’ve suggested to you that your wool cap would tangle with your hair and chop it off when you use it constantly, you should then know that the use of protective styling will carefully tuck our hair away and prevent it from touching our shoulders to protect the ends from breakage and damage.

The ideal purpose of employing the use of weave as protective style are to protect your ends, to prevent excessive pulling, to protect the natural hair underneath, to reduce hair damage, to minimize regimen and to reduce the use of heat and styling products. Always choose a weave style that requires little or no manipulation.

Benefits of Weave as Protective Styling

Encourages hair growth

Protective styling with weaves have proven to be very effective in the path to the recovery of your hair loss. They style can be used to maintain hair growth and during the process, your hair grows soft, longer and fuller.

Saves time and money

The use of weave as a protective styling actually save our time and money. So many people get discouraged from taking good care of their hair because of the attention it requires, but the use of weave can be a way out as it is done without wasting too much time and can be carried for weeks. The use of weave as protective style also gives your hair the comfort of relaxing and to maintain the good look of a well maintained hair.

Change of look

Weaves are of different styles and can be worn in different ways. The use of wig gives you the chance to be able to explore and try out different things while your natural hair is locked in and takes the break it deserves.

Easy to maintain

Weaves are easy to maintain than your natural hair. your natural hair requires you to have a regimen that you need to be faithful with in order to have a healthy hair, but there is nothing like a healthy weave, or is there?  Using weaves as protective styling therefore eases you the stress of maintenance.

However, it is important to note that the fact that you are using a weave as a protective style doesn’t mean you should stop taking good care of your hair. When you don’t take care of your hair and you continue using a weave, the weave will do more harm to your hair than good. You should moisturise, seal and wash your hair on a regular basis.  Using a leave in conditioner is also helpful. Embrace a regime that suits you and stay faithful to it by being consistent.

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