Common causes of hairloss and thinning

Grow my edges back


We have all seen the popular Naomi Campbell pictures that showed her hair loss and thinning edges. Though hers was rumored to be as a results of weaves and lacefronts, there are several other causes of thinning or falling hair.

Below are some of the common causes:

  1. Use of braids, weaves, or wigs……yes wigs. Wigs can definitely cause thinning edges. I personally experienced this when i tried growing out my hair with wigs. In a bid to ensure they were always secure, i endured i made the elastic really snug. I wore a wig cap underneath as well, however, because the wig was quite tight at the edges, soon enough i noticed my edges were shedding.  Braids which are too tight could pull out your edges. If you do not also care for the hair while in braids, excessive drying could occur which would cause shedding when you take it down. Weaves are also known to cause hair loss . Combing or brushing the weaves put a strain on the roots,. You might notice that after a few weeks of having your weave in, the edges have pulled out or shifted back. A lot of the time this is associated with hair loss in that area. Also some times we find it hard to moisturise our hair under weaves as well, leading to brittleness and breakage when we take it out.
  2.  Use of chemicals…..dyes and relaxers. Relaxes break the protein bond s of the hair to keep them straight. When these bonds are broken, the hair becomes more fragile.  Some times we could also experience chemical burns which cause some alopecia.
  3. Postpartum hair loss: experienced by lots of women. the change in hormones, stress all have a part to play.
  4. Medication: some medicines could cause hair loss as a side effect. DO check you medicines to see if alopecia is on o the side effect
  5. Medical conditions :  Low Hemoglobin levels, thyroid disease, iron deficiency have been known to cause hair thinning and loss. Would be wise to get checked by your doctor.


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