How can I grow my edges back?

Grow my edges back

User Question: Dear CHB, how do i grow my edges back? I lost them due to tight braids. 


The Curly hair blog answer: 

When it comes to hair care, the growing of edges is the most sought after. A lot of people make an effort to control it but doesn’t put the issue at bay and there are also some people who have a hard time experiencing thin or no edges and doesn’t even have an idea of how it should be controlled.

Some people actually think their hair is healthy because the edges aren’t that chopped off especially people that abuse their hair with relaxers and extensions but it can surprise them if they get to know that they are supposed to have a fuller edge if only they try out few things.

It is important to note that lack of hair edges bothers majorly on lack of proper hair care but if you are above the age of 60 then we can say age is catching up with you. It’s funny when some people easily put the blame on genetics but if you had full edges during your childhood days, then genetics is definitely out of it.

Growing of edges or fuller edges comes can be achieved by applying different techniques but the key in achieving this is consistency. Consistency gives you remarkable results. When you try using a remedy for about a week or two, don’t give up because you haven’t seen results, you can be seeing results after given up so soon so you have to be patient and follow through with the process for about 30 days.


So, to answer the Question of how do i grow my edges back, here are pointers

Grow my edges back Tip 1: Moisturize

To begin with, the main reason you are growing your edges is that your hair got dry and broke off.

Let us look at it this way, when you are watering a dry plant, what happens to it? It flourishes and regains its life back. The same method applies to our hair, if we don’t do anything about the edges, it keeps falling off and won’t grow.

There are some products you can use to bring back moisture to your hair. Grease products should be avoided as it is a top base hair product. What you will need is a product that will penetrate the scalp and add great benefit to it like with a natural oil.

Grow my edges back Tip 2: Use natural oils.

Castor oil will do a lot of wonders to your hair. It is powerful, thick, rich in vitamin E and has Omega 6 fatty acids.

The vitamin E helps to promote hair growth by repairing hair follicles and the Omega 6 fatty acids also is an anti-inflammatory that cares for hair growth.

Essential oils like peppermint oil and castor oil can give a cooling sensation that triggers blood flow to your hair follicles.

Some other great essential oil that can be used to achieve this is coconut oil, olive oil, lavender, rosemary oil, and cinnamon oil.

Grow my edges back Tip 3: Massage your edges

You have to apply a lot of massaging techniques to get a visible result.

Massaging your hair edges with natural oils stimulates the hair follicles and jump-start the flow of blood in our hairline and if this is done steadily, you will notice great improvement your edges.

Grow my edges back Tip 4: Have night protection

The effort in trying to recover your edges shouldn’t be done only during the day, protecting the edges during night time is very important too.

This isn’t known by a lot of people but sleeping on a cotton pillow that actually contribute to the loss of hair edges. Cotton acts like a sponge and soaks out moisture from our hair, so using a cotton pillow can break the edges of our curly hair by drying out the hair.

To remedy this, you can use a silk hair scarf or buy a silk pillowcase. When using a silk hair scarf, make sure its secured to avoid it falling off during the night.

Grow my edges back Tip 5: LET THE SCALP BREATHE

Yes! you heard me right, let the scalp breathe. Your scalp needs to breathe if you want to encourage hair growth your edges.

Letting the scalp breathe doesn’t mean rocking braids for a long time. It entails leaving your natural hair alone to allow it to conform to its natural state.

If you constantly wear tight hair bands, hair extensions, apply glues to your edges, then you are gradually weighing your hair and the edges down.



The use of repairing products can contribute a great deal to the growing of edges. Strengthening and protein products like a deep conditioner is also a way out to achieve great edges.

You can apply a routine of using a good shampoo and conditioner on a certain day of the week. A deep conditioning of the hair on a weekly basis with natural oils is an important step to take in nurturing your hair and recovering your edges.


Grow my edges back Tip 7: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR

However, if your hair edges prove stubborn and wouldn’t grow despite applying all the above techniques, then you should consult a doctor that will recommend hair supplements.

A daily dose of vitamins should improve hair growth and note, no supplement can give instant hair growth but biotin and hair vitamins encourage hair growth.


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