How to use a leave-in conditioner for curly hair

leave in conditioner for curly hair

When selecting a good leave-in conditioner for curly hair always makes sure water is the first ingredient you look for. Water is very good for our hair, in fact it is the major source of moisture for our hair but all other ingredients are used to lock in the moisture and prevent it from evaporating and not leave our hair high and dry.

Choose a leave-in conditioner for curly hair that fits your hair type

Whether your hair type is dry and damaged, limp and lank hair, curly and frizzy, a fine hair, a relaxed hair, coloured hair, you should have a particular conditioner that works for you. There are two main types of the leave-in conditioner; the cream and the spray-on type.

Shampoo and condition your hair

Section your hair into 3-5 different sections depending on your hair length. Wash with your regular shampoo if the hair needs washing and towel it dry or make the hair just damp or you can just use water to dampen a dry hair if washing is not required.

You can then work the leave-in conditioner into each section of the hair that was divided, from the root end to the end of the hair and if it is a spray leave-in, spray the hair starting from the end to the roots. Take your time to smoothen the leave-in conditioner into the hair by massaging the hair and make sure you distribute the product equally to each section of the hair

Apply hair serum

This is optional for some people. Some leave-in conditioner products requires a small amount of hair serum. You can add more though, depending on your hair length and average thickness.

Comb your hair

Make sure to use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair after applying the leave-in conditioner as it will help spread the product even more and also help to avoid clumps of the leave-in conditioner in your hair.

After doing all these, you are good to go as the leave-in conditioner for curly hair does not require washing off.


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