Moisturizing and sealing hair for length retention

moisturizing and sealing

A regular routine commonly practiced by most people in their healthy hair journey, is the shampooing and conditioning of their hair but a lot of people are not familiar with Moisturizing and sealing hair for length retention which gives visible result of achieving a longer and healthy hair.

One of the driest hair type is the black hair that has a naturally curled structure which hinders natural oils to penetrate the hair shaft which in turn contributes a great deal to the problem of dryness. A dry hair will end up in breakage making it difficult to retain its length, and if you want to retain and have a longer hair, then you have to get rid of the dryness.

Water is the most essential type of moisturiser, but the use of only water as your moisturiser won’t work as it should. Other ingredients like essential oils, helps to trap the water and moisture in the hair which is known as sealing. Let us look at this way, have you done evaporation experiment in your elementary school? Where you pour plain water on a surface and after sometime the water evaporates, but if you add a bit of oil, the water remains for a longer period. Same as moisturising your hair, the water and other ingredients work hand in hand.

Therefore, moisturising prevent dryness of hair while sealing maintains the moisture in the hair and prevents the moisture from escaping. However, some people are not acquainted with moisturising and sealing, they go about their regular shampooing and conditioning but the adaptation of moisturising and sealing into our hair practice helps in achieving a healthy and longer hair.

When you are getting a moisturiser, always lookout for water and humectants (glycerine and panthenol) as part of the ingredients. Water based moisturiser are the best kind of moisturiser.

Sealing is the method that requires you to apply oil or even butter to your hair after it is moisturized to keep our hair strands and root well lubricated and putting hair dryness at bay. Natural oils like grapeseed, olive oil, coconut oil, safflower, jojoba oil, castor oil and lots more are very effective to achieve this while butter like shea butter, cold coconut compress, mango, and a lot more also help to achieve this.

The number of times required for moisturising and sealing is not specific, it depends on your hair type. Some people moisturise once daily, while some go for twice, and a hair that have gone through the process of moisturising and sealing for a long time might not need the daily routine but can do it every other day or twice in a week. But it is recommended that beginners moisturise and seal their hair every day and sometimes, twice daily, to speed of the presence of moisture in the hair. You should note that the process is not only done when the hair feels dry but to be doing it regularly to prevent your hair from feeling dry ever.

To achieve the best result of moisturising and sealing, below are some tips that will help.

  • Section the hair. divide your hair into four or more sections depending on your hair length and thickness. Apply the products equally into each of the sections.
  • Moisturise before sealing. Always apply the moisturiser into the hair before applying oil to lock the moisture, doing it the other way round won’t bring the best results and mixing the two together won’t also achieve the same result. Note, applying oil before moisturising locks out moisture and block the moisture from being absorbed.
  • Apply more products to the tips of our hair. Our hair tips get dry quickly and it is also the oldest part of the hair that can easily lose moisture and causing breakage. It will be of great benefit if the tips get moisturised.
  • Don’t overuse the products. Applying too much product will not give you a fast solution but rather, will make your hair look clumpy and greasy.
  • Use your hands to massage the product into your hair in a descending motion. Some products direction suggest you comb your hair to help distribute the moisturiser but using your hand to press and massage the product into the hair will make it act even better.
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