Matted curly hair: Prevent curly hair from Matting after washing

matted curly hair

Tips to Prevent curly hair from Matting after washing.

Matted curly hair ….. also known as tangled hairs or knotted hairs. When the hair is tangled, knotted and matted the hair doesn’t look nice at all as it looks messy and also becomes painful and difficult to stretch out while trying to get it combed. This can lead to serious breakage and damage to the hair. Matting can occur in the shower or after drying your hair after washing. The following tips can be applied to avoid or prevent the hair from getting matted.


It is advisable to use a wide-tooth comb with plastic tipped bristles when combing the hair to prevent Matted curly hair. Ensure that the hair is properly stretched out before allowing water come into contact. This method will prevent the hair from getting matted when you wash it. Also, do not brush or comb your hair while it is still wet or immediately you finish washing or taking your bath. Dry hairs are safe from damage and breakage compared to wet hairs, comb your hair when it is dry.


Wash your hair by ensuring that the shampoo gets to the scalp properly. It should touch the scalp rather than just the hair. The shampoo should be a naturally made one and not mixed detergents and sulfates as this is not good for the hair. The hair would be dried out if the shampoo is not naturally made, hence leading to matted hair after washing. Apply the shampoo in a downward position while washing rather than applying in an upward position to avoid Matted curly hair.

Washing of the hair should not be an everyday routine as it can make the hair and scalp to loose oils leading to dry hair texture that can cause a matted hair.


Conditioners are very important for the good health of our hair. The use of conditioners for curly hair  after washing with shampoo will soften the hair and makes it easier for combing. When all the knots are removed, ensure that you use a wide-toothed comb to stretch the hair out. This way, the combing helps to untangle your hair without stress and remain that way after washing. If your hair texture is thick and coarse, ensure that you put more effort into conditioning your hair twice a day instead of once.


Rather than rubbing, scattering and twisting your hair, you can prevent matted hair by gently wiping out the hair with a clean towel to get rid of excess water or moisture after washing it. It is best if we avoid heat products like blow dryers as this can easily dry out the hair and makes it prone to damage and tangling, hence leading to Matted curly hair. But if you cannot do without using a blow dryer, get a professional dryer that has the feature of temperature setting which can be reduced to a lower temperature during use. You can also a towel and air dry it till there’s no longer any trace of water in your hair.


A well-kept and moisturized hair is not likely to become matted rather, they look neat and very healthy. Moisturizing with a hair mask once a week hardly makes the hair become knotted and tangled after washing. Deep conditioning will help to moisturize the hair and prevent it from getting matted.


This method is very important and imperative for people with a kinky hair type. Stretching of hair will prevent the hair from tangling around each other which can make the hair form single-strand knots after washing. Rollers are to be used in stretching out the hair to avoid matted hair. Also, we can avoid matted hair by choosing our hairstyles carefully. Braids and well made (stretched) hairstyles are perfect styles.

Always try and finger comb the hair in conditions where combs are not available and you need to take your bath or wash your hair urgently and make sure the hair shows no sign of knotting before washing.

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