Protecting your Hair under weave

Protecting your Hair under weave Protecting your Hair under weave is the only thing that makes a weave a ‘protective style’ It is a bitter truth but we need to admit that the use of weaves has its disadvantages especially when you don’t take good care of your natural hair underneath. Some women are like “I don’t need to stress myself, I have lots of weaves that I can use” but they don’t know they are only causing damage to their natural hair. While we believe weaves makes life easier and saves you the stress of hair maintenance, we should also make sure of keeping our hair and scalp healthy. A lot of women especially  black women tend to lose their hair more and more from the overly use of weave due to the texture of their hair but you can actually prevent this if you stick to some hair rules. Don’t keep protective styles for too long It is a known fact that women tend to lose their natural hair after wearing protective styles for too long. It is advisable to wear your weaves not longer than six to eight weeks and remove in order to give your hair and scalp a break and a chance to breathe. Keep your natural hair and scalp well moisturised A lot of women neglect their natural hair once they have a weave on. It is very important to still give your natural attention by keeping it well moisturised. You can apply essential oils directly to the scalp and use hair sprays to hydrate the hair strands that are either in locks or in braid. Stay away from the ocean Ocean contains salt that are not healthy for wigs and weaves. The salt water dries up the scalp and mats the hair, leading to hair dryness and breakage. Protect your edges When using a weave, always make sure they are not too tight and heavy. Tight and heavy weave can cause “traction alopecia”, a condition that occurs when the hair follicle comes out at the root. When this occurs, there is no remedy to it, your hair is not coming back so for it to be avoided, always make sure you keep your edges well moisturised. Treat your weave Hair loss can be caused by not caring for the weaves we have on. A lot of women don’t care for their weave because they feel it’s not their natural hair. Yes, it’s certainly not your natural hair but do you know that lack of maintenance is one of the biggest factor resulting to breakage? It leaves you with a dirty and dry scalp that causes damage to your hair. Use a net when installing a weave We have heard of weave nets right? Weave nets helps to relieve the tension and act as a bridge between your natural hair and weaves. Using a weave net to install your weave makes washing of your hair easy and also removal stress free. Keep flatirons away I wish flatirons can be avoided completely especially when you have a weave on but if you can’t help but use a flatiron to smoothen or straighten a weave, then you should try to use it on the lowest setting and gently run it through your hair. Avoid everyday straightening of your weave especially in the crown and around your edges as the result will leave you to breakage. Avoid using glue Using glue for weave installation is a cheap and faster way to install your weave but this also an easy way to lose your hair due to its damaging effects. this can lead you to start using lots and lots of hairspray, experience breakage and at the end, it can even relegate you into cutting of your hair. Use a protective cap While preparing for night-time, make it part of your routine to always wrap your weaves with a satin scarf or use a satin pillowcase to prevent friction from cotton materials that can lead to hair breakage.
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